Farmer Maps

Updated February 14, 2019


There is only one developer since this project was created back in 2008, me: George. It was build on old technology, google maps integration broke, it was slow, it didn't look good on any mobile device because iPads / phones didn't exist back when it was built.

On a positive note, I believe I'm helping farmers and consumers alike. Farmers were able to pin-point their location, add all their products and harvest dates. Consumers could get notified when those products were available, then hopefully travel to the farm without getting lost.

While I'm not sure what happens in the real world, I hope that a lot of people came to your farms, and I hope a lot of people found a place to find farmed fresh food.

What's going on now?

There has to be an upgrade. What you're reading now is an upgrade, but its not the final product. What's happened is that I've upgraded the programming technology (because I've learned a few things along the way) and am hosting on a faster, more affordable platform.

I'm calling this a transition. You can view this site on your mobile device and still find farms, get directions, see what food is available out there too.

You can't modify your farm or products (if you're a farmer). And consumers won't get notifications anymore. This site is limited, but the core information is still available to you.

What are the plans?

I've learned a lot of technologies in my career as a software engineer. I'm going to make an app! I'm going to recreate the database, make a much better website and again, apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Building this transitional site refreshed my memory of the information available on Farmer Maps. Im really thinking of ways I can make the user experience better, provide more information to consumers, provide more flexibility to farmers, and the site will be more accessible.

Look for good things to come.

Thank you,


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