Farmer Maps reserves the right to remove member accounts at any time without notice or without reason. However, we will always try to correct any problems with our members before it comes to this. Simply put, Farmer Maps should remain a friendly and useful tool for our members. We will not tolerate spamming, harassment or offensive behavior.

We will respond to reported abuse as it concerns farms that are added to our database that do not meet our criteria for a farm. We reserve the right to change our criteria for a farm at any time. Any member can add a farm, but they must be a farmer. We will pay close attention to all farm products. If we remove your account and you believe this was unfair, please email us [email protected]

Our current criteria for a farm is here:
"Farmer Maps considers all farms, orchards, or vineyards that are devoted primarily to the practice of food production. The types of production in question may include produce, grains, livestock. Read the definition of a farm."

Farmer Maps respects your privacy. Becoming a member requires your email address, which is used to sign in and send you email notifications. We do not require anything else.

We will not display or share your email address with anyone unless you give us permission first. When you ask a farmer a question, the farmer is emailed a notification with your question. In this case only, the farmer will see your email address to use it to get back to you to answer your question. You will be reminded and warned about this before using the feature.

You control email notifications that are emailed to you in My Account.

Members can provide their Zip / Postal code for the purpose of displaying accurate driving directions for them. Zip / Postal code does NOT specifically identify where you live. Sometimes a Zip / Postal code is accurate to one's street, and sometimes it's not even that accurate at all.

Whatever information we save for our members is limited to benefit those members only. We will never share any of it.

Providing your address is part of adding a farm to Farmer Maps. People need to find your farm. If you wish to keep this information private, please do not create an account. If you wish to have your farm removed, please email us [email protected]. If you provide your email address or phone number in Farm Details, it will be made public.
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