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Farmer Maps respects your privacy. Becoming a member requires your email address, which is used to sign in and send you email notifications you subscribe to. We will not display or share your email address with anyone unless you give us permission first, and you're in control of what notifications you want to receive.

Farmer Maps is a great resource to help you find local food, and stay in touch so you never miss when a product is ready to buy, FRESH.

Finding farms and products is made very easy. We use geocoding techniques to display the farms & products that are closest to you first.

You can stay in touch with farms and the comments other members post. But more exciting is our feature that alerts you year-after-year when your favorite products become available. You'll get complete information, with accurate directions to the farm, hours of operation, and more.

As Farmer Maps grows adding more farms to it's database, you can choose receive notifications when a farm within 100 miles from you home is worth checking out.

If you want to stay in touch with locally grown fresh food, become a member.
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