Farmer Maps is a unique and innovative way for consumers to connect with the freshest produce, tastiest dairy items and healthiest meats offered by local farms in their area. Visitors to our site can sign up to receive personal notification when new crops are in season as well as special product offers available only to Farmer Maps members. Farmer Maps invites everyone to take a country drive and see why we say farm fresh always tastes best.

The most common reasons why people DO NOT buy straight from the farm are:
  • "I didn't know these farms existed in my area"
  • "I don't have accurate driving directions to find these farms without getting lost"
  • "I don't know what meats, fruit and vegetables are in my area"
  • "I don't know when these products are available, especially when they're at the peak of freshness"
Farmer Maps solves all these problems by mapping local farm information and displaying what products in are available in your area, exactly when they are in season.

By joining Farmer Maps as a member for free today, you will receive personalized “harvest” notifications so you will immediately know when your favorite foods are at their freshest and most delicious. Instead of thinking of your grocery store for dinner tonight, why not think of Farmer Maps?

Just like all great things on the Internet, Farmer Maps is free and always will be. Any information we collect is used solely to benefit members and local farmers in their area (here is our privacy policy.)

As you can imagine, joining Farmer Maps becomes a win-win scenario for you and your local farmers. Here are some of the features that benefit you:
  • When you find favorite products in your area, Farmer Maps will keep track of the products you "Watch."
    • Receive a "Harvest" notification 1 week before your favorite produce or farm products become available. Know precisely when you and your family can expect to enjoy peak freshness.
    • Receive a friendly reminder 1 week before a specific "Harvest" ends. Just in case you couldn't make it out to your favorite farm at season’s open, make sure you take advantage of the close.
    • Learn of price changes. It's optional for a farmer to list a product's price, but where applicable, you can accurately follow any changes in price or availability.
    • Receive a warning if a product you're interested in becomes unavailable. Sometimes an entire herd or field of produce can be irrevocably damaged or unfit for sale. We will try to inform our members appraised of any such emergency.
  • You can receive an automatic notification whenever a new farm in your area is added to Farmer Maps. This keeps you up-to-date with all the new farm products and locations available to you.
  • When you find a farm that you like, Farmer Maps will keep track of that too:
    • You'll learn when your favorite farms add or change any of their products.
    • In some cases, farms will have a comment section. You can stay up-to-date with new comments.
    • Pictures are worth a thousand words. You can get notified if a farmer uploads new pictures of their farm, their products, or whatever else they may want to share with you.
  • Get accurate driving directions to farms in your area.
  • Ask any farmer questions.
  • Help Farmer Maps grow and recommend new farms.

Farmer Maps rethinks the way fresh food is bought by consumers.

You worked hard all year to bring your crops to harvest and to grow the best food you possibly could. Despite rising shipping costs, industry consolidation, global competition and the ever unpredictable forces of mother nature, you somehow arranged to have everything brought to market fresh and on time once again. Ever wonder if there was a way to bring the market directly to your farm?

Farmer Maps wants to bring people to the farm, and help farmers find a new way to do business. Farmer Maps harnesses the power of the Internet to promote your farm to a growing number of consumers hungry to purchase fresh food grown close to home. More and more families are taking the time to drive out to local farms to experience home grown quality and freshness that cannot be stocked or sprayed on in a grocery aisle. Good food is a choice and it is important that your farm is easy to find in the hearts, and maps of your city neighbors.

Farmer Maps is free and will remain free. Our mission is to make consumers aware of the good food difference that is available directly from local farms in their immediate area. We plan to introduce exciting new user features in the near future and would welcome your initial feedback upon visiting our site. We will continually work to improve Farmer Maps and your suggestions will help enhance our site for everyone interested in enjoying farm fresh food grown just around the corner.

Thank you,
Farmer Maps
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